Thursday, 27 April 2017

New chapter

Guess no one can runaway from "changes"
It comes every now and then
To spice up your life
& to kick the comfort zone of yours off

New space , place , environment , experience
As i said , 2017 bring it on!
As far as i would like to runaway from it
It seems like to no avail.
So why not take it up instead?
I may have loadsa complaints before
But its pretty useless i guess
No one could help me if i dont not help myself
So in the end , i decided to put a fullstop
Maybe be for the better or worst?
Whateva come what may!
Till then i shall think for myself only

Hold on and watch me dance through the rain!

Grey Skies

Snuggling under the blankie on the sofa
With the tv on and with someone
That would be the ideal thing to do now

*in my wildest dream*

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Merry May?

Scribbling from a mini hp screen is so much harder than typing it out on a computer
But after working hours ,
Its time to get off that lappie!

One more month till the middle of the year!
I dont knw why but i couldnt wait. 

May would be busily dull
At least there will be some live and fun in June! 

Shall paint this month with colourful rainbows rite?
This life is yours to hold and create memories.
Oh oh , another 3 kilos down for me!
Yikess! What did i do? 
You fats , i shall shake you off all soon! 
Too much of hiking? Or too stressed up? 
Either or i guess

Too much things on my mind
Too slow to type it all at once
Some are too private to be written down here
I shall keep it up in the brain 

Sneeze too much today
Flu found its way to me
Great huh?! 
Don't miss me too much kay
I would like to know who's the culprit actually.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

人类 ,我真的搞不懂你



多么的希望你们都有commom sense


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Can't keep my hands to myself

Me back ; me back
Proud of my lousy inkgerish!
I know , its lame

Can't help it at times

At times i wish i have the power to read minds
The minds of others ; it'll def be interesting

Intuition is a lady's gift
However there are doubts bout it at times
As it is not proven to be accurately correct

Advices from whom-so-ever
Doesn't really work well on this stubborn head
As i rather judge from my eyes than others 
So yeah , i gotta admit ; 
A person can condemn another infront of me all they want
But end of the day ,
It doesn't really affect me 
Perhaps i'll just treat it as its a rap song

Call me a snob or 
Tell me "You've got served!"
I'll say oh well , at least i could get up and walk myself
Or make judgement on my own

Trust is very precious gift i would offer
Its just so rare that i could just give it to anyone
Closeness couldn't fairly trade it from me

Truthfuly , i wouldn't show my all
I know this is harsh ; not even close friends
Cz i'll be too vulnerable

Being an optimist is what i would want for the rest of my life
Pessimist is just too depressing
Cut the crap and let yourself live for once!
Bad decisions made are purely lessons in life
Dig a hole ; bury it deep and start again. 

Till then , Toodles! 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Monkey March

the ever perfect monday
sitting by a cafe at the busiest bank street
pening down some thoughts

"Give your all to me and i give my all to you"
Playing in the background

3rd month in the new year
Last 2 months were pretty hectic ever since last year's dec
Work is pilling ; syallabus for studies is updated
How do i break myself in half?
I couldn't but i've been managing such a life
You gotta keep moving to keep holding it in
Life ain't a bed of roses
Only to some i guess
But well , its been a great one!
Pretty much thankful

Plans for this year is not up yet
Was too busy to even think of any trips

Well i guess , being single for the past year
I've gain alot in knowing myself more
To love and accept my own flaws
And prolly change it for the better
Done things i wouldnt even thought of
Get to know strangers i havent meet before

I've got asked
Why i dint wana find another half yet?
The best answer i could give is
I'm still waiting ; waiting for the deserve one
I've been pretty much in the fast lane all these years
Now i would just wana take a step back and wait
Not in the days where pleasing someone was my job
Not in the days where calming the roaring sea was my job
Looking back on that mini me , 
I know i deserve much more than that

Being alone really izint that bad either
It makes you think of what you actually want
What is actually made you , you! 

Just be awesome
And an awesomeness will definitely get to you! 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

He is the Reason for this Season

Last month of the year...
December the happiest month of the year...
Its also the busiest month of the year for me

Here i am...
After 9 months of M.I.A from this blog world of mine
Too much things to write ,
At times its seriously hard to put it down in words.

Since its the last month of the year
Perhaps it shall be my last post of the year 2015
Lets walk with me down the path of memories , aite?

So much ups and downs this particular year
I've grown so much and learned so much of myself
The limits that i could reach
The fears that i could face 
The paranoia times that i could hold a calm attitude

Created a past that i wouldn't want to walk through again
A past that became a lesson to my present and future
A past that i could put it behind me against all odds
A past that reminds me of who i was
And never to be that again

Spread my wings and went against the wind
Solo trip was the only factor i was looking forward in 2015
I managed to go through it and had fun
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass
But to learn how to dance in the rain"
Never knew i was that bold enough
Never knew i was alert enough
Never knew i was independent enough
Never knew i would have so much fun on solo 
I think i would do it again in the future
But i would still wish to travel the world with another half
Nothing is better than to see the world together
Two is better than One

A friend told me
That this is the first time he has ever seen me single for a while
True enough , im the kind to always go in a pair
I find myself to be happier
I find myself to be free from frustrations
I find myself to find the real me
I find myself to have time on my own
I shall embrace it till the other half finds his way to me
Till then Just Live Life! 

A quote says
"You're a Survivor cuz you've live 100% through your bad days 
As you're still alive today"
Be still and know that he is always right there to guide you through

Have a Jolly Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year 2016

Whats done is done ,
Whats over is over ,
Whats coming is yet to be reveal
So Smile , the world is yet to end. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Goat year

It is 2015!


March , 3rd month of the year.

What have i done . been . going to do for the year?
Eat . Sleep . Rave . Repeat

Should i say , Life's been pretty dull?
or uninteresting?

Well , this is the working life.
Work . Eat . Sleep . Drama . Sleep

One crazy thing i've done for the New Year is 
 dye my hair GREEN.
Yerrrp Hijau.
its for the sake of Once In a Lifetime thing.
Next prolly Blue?

i admit i have a sense of dry sarcasm
cuz no one really gets my cold joke
but i'll be the only one laughing out loud

Got a date & booked my tickets for the next huge thing in life!
i'm not throwing any details.
So , hold on , hang in there till i blurt it out.
Words from others do put me off at times 
but i held in there.

Am in a waiting game for a call/confirmation 
i do so hope for a chance in life to shine

Total of 3 papers down , 
2 more to go!
Look on the brighter side my dear , only TWO.
i hope i could live to the day i graduate from books.

GERD still torture me daily.
On calm days , i drink on gaviscon.
On bad days , i don't get any sleep at night.
it all depends on the food i take , the consistency and the amount
It'll be better to punch a hole at my tummy ,
put a pipe so i could turn it on to drain out the asid
& off it once done.

I get sleepy easily
I could yawn whole freaking day with tears
Friends call me piggy , well it suits me well

Work , pretty not-busy for now
Seeing newcomers who are not adapting to the new environment makes me wonder
Perhaps i'm used to adapt to new surroundings pretty quickly

Should get myself to update this quaterly
as reading back to my old post brings me back to the moment that i wrote it.
the old me were kinda pessimist , 
been trying to change that since i realize it.
Still working on it



Thursday, 18 September 2014


Things just flows into my mind
while i'm watching dramas.
HEH! =)
Typical me.....

I'm sure every perfect humans too have flaws
whether is it hidden or not
obvious or not
Well , you just gotta spend more time with the person
to find out!!

Truthfully , whether couples or best friends
There is a time when you dislikes each others behavior
But stop & think , that person doesn't grow up with you
of course he/she doesn't know whether you dislike it or not?
Yes , sure , you could tell them off
but it takes time to feel comfortable with a person from another mother

Actually dramas could be your very most useful mirror in life
you see things from the dramas are actually the same as reality!
From relationships to family probs , 
Who doesn't have any of it?!
Your life might be too comfy , but wait for the timer to go off
the BOM will actually blast!
Perhaps , it might hurt much more if its too perfect.

Life izin't a bed of Rose
So TRUE yet so unbelievable!
Some born with a Silver spoon , some had to go through life's hardship
Some easily met THE ONE , some had to go through multiple heart breaks
Izin't it unfair?
They may get things their way in life , however there are things they don't
Some might get all broken up inside but they have awesome bunch of people around them
So , shall we try to look at the bright side , Aye?

It's never easy , trying.
But keep going , even rubber bands get loose if you've stretch it for too long.

& another thing i've learned , 
Is to cherish the moment.
Never look back , never regret , never repeat the same mistakes again.
Life's too short to repeat mistakes! Use it to learn new lessons!

Saturday, 2 August 2014




以前的我 ,不知笨到那个地步